Chairman's Words

    “Hew a stone of hope out of a mountain of despair
    and you can make your life a splendid one.”

    In the beginning, there were no roads in the world; only as people began traveling did roads come into being.  Successful roads are formed not when people roam aimlessly, but when they are headed in the same direction. The same is true for New Oriental, it was formed as people gathered to study. And like a successful road, it did not achieve its success by chance. People who shared dreams and aspirations worked together to forge an exciting trail.

    The road ahead will be even longer and more arduous, because our goals are even grander. But with a clear mission, dedicated hearts and the pioneering spirit that has driven us from the beginning, we're certain that our strength, wisdom, and energy will enable us to write a new page in the records of China's educational undertaking.

    Michael Minhong Yu
    Founder and Chairman