Global Study Tour

    New Oriental Global Study Tour & Camp Education Promotion and Management Center, a subsidiary of the New Oriental Education & Technology Group, is an outbound study tour and China study tour provider to Chinese students, seeking an educational experience in diverse cultures and settings.

    The core educational programs provided by New Oriental Global Study Tour primarily operate during Chinese school vacations, such as, summer camps, winter camps and autumn camps. The programs may be sub-divided into 8 categories, including Summer Schools, K12 Classes, Top Universities, Language Courses, Themed Camps, Kindergarten Family Program, AYA Program, Entrepreneurship Camp, each with a series of educational resources.

    Additionally, New Oriental Global Study Tour actively expand both China Study Tour and Camp Education sections for Chinese adolescents and young adults, encourage and guide them to discover their potential, train their awareness and skills for cooperation and win-win in the context of economic globalization and social pluralism in 21st century, and meet the needs of modern children's personalized development and growth.

    With the abundant resources of New Oriental Global Study Tour, our expertise in the field of study and travel, and over 17 years of experience providing the best in study tours, we cover 40 countries/areas, primarily in, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. We provide hundreds of itineraries that are specially designed with our Chinese students best interests and aims. Since summer 2005, over 160,000 students have joined us on a study tour to various countries, experiencing all those areas have to offer in cultural diversity and in education, furthering themselves in an array of important life skills and personal development.

    To learn more about Global Study Tours and Walkite International Academy, visit our official website at, tel:4006590888,and feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have. If you’d like to collaborate with us to advance our mission in bringing such amazing experiences to Chinese students, please contact us using the information below.

    Beijing Head Office:


    Tel: +86-10-60908666