Online Education

    Koolearn is a leading online education service provider in China, with a comprehensive portfolio of well-recognized brands.

    This online business was established in 2005 by New Oriental and had approximately 14,7 million total student enrolments since FY2016. Leveraging New Oriental’s extensive experience, it offers a wide spectrum of high quality courses and programs, providing a superior online learning experience to online students. While it continues to improve public welfare through education, create values to the society, Koolearn expand businesses to multiple areas. Koolearn explored new businesses based on its advantages in technology and resource and have built new businesses and cooperation in the areas including livestream commerce business, intelligent learning products, quality education and vocational education, etc. 

    Koolearn Technology Holding Limited (Stock code:1797) has successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on March 28, 2019. For further information, you may refer to