Online Education

    Koolearn is a leading online education service provider in China, with a comprehensive portfolio of well-recognized brands and core expertise in online after-school tutoring and test preparation. It is the largest comprehensive online after-school tutoring and test preparation service provider in China in 2017 in terms of revenue, accounting for 0.63% of the total revenue of online after-school tutoring and test preparation market in China, according to the F&S Report.

    This online business was established in 2005 by New Oriental and had approximately 12.5 million total student enrolments since FY2016. Leveraging New Oriental’s extensive experience, it offers a wide spectrum of high quality courses and programs in three core segments, namely college, K-12, and online education segments, providing a superior online learning experience to online students. 

    Koolearn Technology Holding Limited (Stock code:1797) has successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on March 28, 2019. For further information, you may refer to