Test Preparation

    New Oriental offers test preparation courses specifically designed to prepare students for the major exams used by educational institutions in China and abroad.

    Our test preparation courses focus on quality instruction and test-taking techniques designed to help students achieve high scores on the most widely used admissions and assessments tests. Classes range from 6 to 50 students, depending on level of instruction and student demand, and programs range from 20 to 160 hours with classes one to four times per week. We also offer intensive versions of our courses, which can be completed in shorter time periods.

    We established its first all-subjects middle school training program, branded “New Oriental U Can,” which targets middle and high school Chinese students from ages 13 to 18 who are preparing for the college entrance examination in China, or “gaokao.” The gaokao is required for admission to bachelor degree programs and most associate degree programs at Chinese colleges and universities.

    We provide test preparation courses for the following major overseas and domestic exams: